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Random Acts of Kindness

Today, 17th February, is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Big or small, a kind gesture can go a long way, and our Wellbeing Advisor, Ruhel Ahmed gives his thoughts on random acts of kindness.

I recently came across an article from last year where strangers shared stories of their random acts of kindness and crowdfunded it to be showcased in a museum. A fully crowdfunded 30 storey pop-up museum showcasing random acts of kindness!!!

It made me question how much do I do for people? To which my mind instantly tried to recollect all the great, large gestures I’ve done in the past. But it was in that moment I also realised I instantly skipped all the little things I do every day without batting an eyelid and things I do without expecting anything in return. For example, most if not every day I hold the door for people, I give people way, I say please and thank you and I make sure I am positive when I speak to others.

I was baffled when I thought about it, because in my mind these things are second nature to me and I will do regardless for most if not all people. I feel inclined to say…size doesn’t matter. It’s not the large acts of kindness and larger gestures we should only feel so proud about, sometimes the little gestures can be massively rewarding.

It’s also important to point out how doing random acts of kindness positively impact us! Giving to others is one of the ways of wellbeing- an evidence-based action that is found to improve our own wellbeing! Random acts of kindness are done without truly expecting to gain anything from it but come to think of it, these things do often makes us feel positive, give us a sense of fulfilment and we can feel better knowing we may have made someone’s life just that little bit easier, happier and better as well.

So, let’s keep adding to the floors in our museum, but remember the smaller gestures will probably build your museum faster so it’s important to acknowledge those great ‘little’ things you do as well as the larger gestures of kindness.

Tips on random acts of kindness:
• Size doesn’t matter – Remember, no act of kindness can be too small, the smallest of acts can sometimes be the biggest of rewards for someone.
• It doesn’t cost to be kind – Keep this mind, random acts of kindness can be complimenting someone, saying please and thank you, stopping to ask someone about their day and being positive.
• Self-care – remember acts of kindness are beneficial for you and improve your own wellbeing. But also, be kind to yourself- be positive with the language you use and take good care of yourself, often reflect and think about how your day has been and what you’ve done well.
• Others point of view – Take a second and stop, you know what it’s like from your point of view but what about theirs? Is there a simple yet effective solution or act that you can do that may help make someone’s life just that little bit easier?

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By Ruhel Ahmed

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