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Sleep Well Perform Well – Wellness Tips

We all know that a wonderful night’s slumber can do us the world of good in terms of how energised we may feel, how alert and switched on we seem to be and how much more we are in control of our emotions; not letting situations affect us.

When we’re feeling tired and lethargic from sleep deprivation, our brain function isn’t as sharp as it could be; making it more challenging for us to focus on completing tasks. With that being said, when we’re feeling a little fatigued, emotions are heightened and all it takes is a contentious innuendo from a colleague, friend or family member to awaken the primal chimp inside! The outcome is that we react differently than we would if we had gotten a little extra shut-eye.

Each person has a 24 hour internal “body clock” called the circadian rhythm that suggests when to wake up and when to sleep. If you ignore it, you are fighting against your natural physiology! During sleep, there are many stages but we switch between two types of sleep: Non Rapid Eye Movement (body repairs) and Rapid Eye Movement (process emotional experiences and procedural memory). From a physical standpoint, if we don’t achieve the 7-9 hours of sleep per night as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, we’ll delay the healing process, decrease cognition function and lower the immune system; all negatively impacting performance.

Strategies to improve sleep

  1. Put away electronical devices a couple of hours before bed – As they suppress melatonin (hormone that induces sleep)
  2. Switch to decaff after 2pm – Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps the brain alert
  3. Set the scene – Block out external noise and light, maintain a good temperature, then read a book or close your eyes and listen to a timed sleeping app or calming music before bed

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