Sparkhill Course visit by Councillor Shabrana Hussain | People Plus

Sparkhill Course visit by Councillor Shabrana Hussain

Councillor Shabrana Hussain visited one of our employability events in Sparkhill this week. The visit was a great success and a really positive experience for our customers. Shabrana shared her story as a woman in the Sparkhill community and her journey politically and in her home life and what drives her to be a positive force in the community. It was so impactful for the customers to speak to her about her work and the effect she has in their community, offering advice on local issues and giving referral points for services they were not aware of. She even got a couple of the learners to agree to start litter picks on their street which she would help with, there was also a discussion around a women’s cycle group for healthy minds that she was involved with and invited some of our ladies to. Several of the attendees told us how they had found her words both empowering and inspiring to listen to. It was also nice to hear the councillor praise PeoplePlus, thanking us for our invite and stating our work was ‘amazing’ with these women.

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