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Stress Awareness Day – Wed 6th Nov

Wednesday 6th November is Stress Awareness Day, so we wanted to share with you our thoughts around Stress from Ruhel Ahmed our Heath & Wellbeing Advisor.

Stress. One of the most commonly used words, one of the most commonly expressed feelings and one of the most commonly ‘understood’ experiences. When we are asked how to tackle or get through stressful times and situations, a lot of people say ‘by being resilient’.

But what is resilience? Is it a trait? Is it behaviour? Or both? Well I have recently come to understand that resilience is made up of two themes, there are individual/personal elements of resilience (Resilient You) and there are behavioural elements (Resilient Do). So essentially, resilience comes not only from who you are but also what you do.

‘Resilient You’ focusses on our individual characteristics and personal elements of resilience such as our degree of control, purpose, attitude, realism and our belief. Having positive associations with these personal elements help build your resilience, for example, having a sense of purpose gives meaning to what you are doing and having the right attitude when tackling negative situations can affect how they impact you.

‘Resilient Do’ on the other hand focuses on the behavioural characteristics that can increase our resilience. This can include behaviours such as sleep, exercise and self-care. Regular exercise can provide a distraction from the stressor, give you a sense of achievement and releases endorphins.

So, the question shouldn’t be ‘have we got resilience?’ It should be how do we increase/build our resilience?

How can I become more resilient?

  • Think about your daily behaviours, what would you like to change? For example, would you like to have more sleep and wake up feeling a little more refreshed? Would you like to feel a little fitter? How about eating healthier to avoid the afternoon slump?
  • Think about your purpose. Find a purpose to what you’re doing and do things that bring meaning to your life. A clear sense of purpose can also help you assess setbacks and look at life from a broader perspective.
  • Now make a start today. Not tomorrow, or Monday. Today.

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