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Success With EnterprisingYou

Our EnterprisingYou programme supports those who are already self-employed to grow their business in Greater Manchester.

During the last few months we’ve received some great success stories from our clients, read a few of them below.

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Shanela Choudary 

Shanela offers holistic cupping therapies and fertility treatments.  Her one to one sessions at her local Dentist practice have ceased due to Covid 19.  

However, we encouraged her to integrate technology into her business by using Whats App video., and her 16 year old daughter gave her a quick tutorial in using the social media platform so she could undertake fertility consultations.

These have been a huge success, gaining worldwide bookings and an increase of positive feedback on her Instagram channel.   She is now looking at incorporating more video into her business, by setting up a dedicated YouTube Channel. 

The confidence she has gained from the success of her online consultations will result in Shanela continuing to go upwards and upwards with her business.


Adrian Little 

Prior to EnterprisingYou, Adrian was able to get an average of two low paid photography jobs per month, earning around £300 – £400 pcm. He now works for the most exclusive property agency in Cheshire and has 3-4 jobs per week! His love of photographing large buildings using his 3D technology is supported by his work providing the images for multi million pound listings of homes.  

Adrian has received financial advice and has accessed our bespoke Health & Wellbeing support and was coached by our colleague Adam and this has built his self-confidence. Adam has helped Adrian to network with agencies and to gain feedback as well as teaching him how to showcase his work to high end agents.


Helena Hart 

Helena has a crowdfunding page and her aim is to make £5,000 to buy a more eco-friendly (and child friendly) engraving machine. Adam suggested this idea to her and helped her to set the page up; and had previously recorded that she felt her business was being impacted by COVID. In June she reported that this was no longer the case due to our coaching and we are delighted to see the impact we are able to have on her journey to business growth.

Helena accessed training courses on marketing, as well as Health & Wellbeing support and was given the opportunity to network at the Lloyds networking event. She has also been supported to apply for an Arts Council grant which fingers crossed she will receive.


Is you’re self-employed in Greater Manchester and want some support visit >

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