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Top tips for surviving your Christmas party – The food edition

Christmas parties can make or break your healthy eating, with many of us opting to let loose but this can snowball from one night of over-indulgence, to an entire month. Kim Derbyshire, Wellbeing Consultant at PeoplePlus, tells us how we can head into December with a damage limitation plan.

It’s the beginning of December – have you thrown the towel in for healthy eating already? If you have, draw a line under it, don’t feel guilty and get straight back on track. If you are still on track but you’re worried that something like your work Christmas party is only around the corner and that’s typically when the “wheels fall off”, then read on for some top tips.

  1. Eat a healthy lunch the day of your Christmas party. Pair a good protein source (turkey, chicken, salmon, hummus are good examples) with a range of veggies and a complex carb. This will help you to avoid becoming “hangry” or any “snacksidents” later in the day.
  2. Be mindful when a buffet is supplied and have a plan before you load up your plate. Choose a range of protein and veggies, aim for oven baked or grilled, limit breadcrumbs and batter, stick with 1 sweet treat – pick your favourite. Sit down if you can and enjoy every bite. If you can’t sit down, then avoid standing near the buffet. How many times have you found yourself grazing from it all night long?
  3. Be picky and choose the foods you really like. Be mindful of portion sizes and avoid eating a bit of everything.
  4. The morning after, avoid giving in to your cravings of a greasy fried breakfast, or a favourite fast food breakfast, as it is nutrients that your body actually needs. Instead, opt for smashed avocado on wholegrain toast, with a poached egg or some smoked salmon with scrambled egg, on a wholegrain bagel. Be organised to limit temptation, ensuring you have all the ingredients ready and waiting for you in the fridge will help.
  5. Ask yourself – Do I really want it? Can I make a healthier swap?

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