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Tricks & Treats for Better Wellbeing

We are all motivated differently and there is no right or wrong way to be motivated, but it is important to know that motivation breeds from momentum of habit. Therefore, if you would like to make some positive changes in life, we’ve got to get to the bottom of how to motivate ourselves in the first place.

Some of us may prefer to trick ourselves into creating new habits, while others will prefer to treat themselves for doing so!

Let’s look at some healthy tricks:

“Highway to Hell”

If you know you are likely to have a bad habit, then why not create small habits to get in front of it.

Example: If you know you are likely to snack after dinner then brush your teeth at 8pm. This is a small physical trigger that will let your mind know that you are getting ready for bed. Just a small trigger like this can change our behaviors.

“Monster Mash” Your Habits

If you are struggling to keep up with a new habit you would like to implement, find ways to stack it onto existing habits within your day.

Example: When cooking dinner, why not stack on top the task of cooking a bit extra to put into a Tupperware for your lunch tomorrow, preventing you from buying unhealthy lunch alternatives.

Conquer Your Monster Tasks

Sometimes the idea of trying to change or introduce something big into your routine can be daunting and may convince you that it is too difficult to achieve. Instead, focus on creating small steps.

Example: Goal – To go for a 10 minute walk every day

Step 1- Set a timer to remind you 15 minutes before you want to go for the walk

Step 2 – Get yourself dressed appropriately for your walk with keys, phone etc on hand.

Step 3 – Step outside

Now that you’ve come this far, you may as well carry on, right?

This is a technique used in running, the first step to going for a run is tying your laces.


Now, how about some treats?

“The Devil is in the Detail”

If your goal or ambition is too far ahead you will not have the motivation or belief that you can achieve it. So, can you reward yourself for smaller milestones? Break down the goal to create momentum based around the finer details.

“Somebody’s Watching Me”

You may feel that in order to live a healthier lifestyle you have to change everything as if someone is watching over your shoulder, but the truth is you can enjoy sweet treats or your guilty pleasures in moderation. Click here for some healthy dessert ideas.

“Hungry Like the Wolf”

In order to make change, it is important to find out what really motivates you. There is no long term success in doing something for others or because you think it is the best thing to do. Find your hunger and make SMART goals to help you achieve it.



Written by Naomi Greene, PeoplePlus Wellbeing Advisor.

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