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Achieving Positive Resettlement Insights Report Released

share September 06, 2023Posted by: Jenna

Our new Justice Insights report “Achieving Positive Resettlement from Education to Employment” which considers the elements leading to positive resettlement from custody into the community.

The report has been co-created with learners in custody, former prisoners, experts across the justice sector and local community organisations from right across the UK. Prison education is far more than a route to employment – it helps prison learners build a positive identity and supports a reduction in reoffending – which costs some £18bn to the economy each year. Our report sets out some of the changes that can make a difference – from phased inductions, through to different learning styles for learners with specific educational needs.

Chapters in the report cover:

Read the report here

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the report - drop us an email at [email protected] 

share September 06, 2023Posted by: Jenna