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Aftab secures work with Stockton Office Restart Scheme

share January 24, 2024Posted by: Charlotte

Aftab first came to the Stockton Restart Centre in October 2023. He came well prepared with all of his relevant documents and as he knew he wanted to work in the security industry he also brought his SIA license.

During his first couple of appointments his Employment Advisor Jonathan worked with Aftab to look for any security positions that became available. Jonathan would also send Aftab the links to any jobs he thought were suitable. Aftab was happy to complete the applications but he didn’t feel confident when it came to writing his cover letter so he asked for further support with it and Jonathan was happy to help. They worked together to develop a letter that would specifically tailor towards security roles. After this was done it gave Aftab the confidence boost he needed and he was happy to continue to apply for roles on his own going forward.

It didn’t take long before Aftab had been offered a security position. He had remained in close contact with Jonathan throughout the whole process. He was excited to begin in his new role but was worried as he needed help to fund the new uniform. Jonathan was able to arrange to help with this and the uniform was supplied before his first shift on the 1st of November. The final obstacle was Aftab needed the bus fare to be able to get to work. Until he was earning a regular wage things were tight. Again, Jonathan was able to help Aftab.

Aftab is now happily working in his security role. He said:

“I am very happy with the service at PeoplePlus and the support I have received. I feel like I have more confidence and this is helping in my current employment. I am very thankful to Restart and to Jonathan for the support they have given me. The job is going well and is a good challenge for me. “

share January 24, 2024Posted by: Charlotte