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Gloucestershire Carers Hub - Highlights from 2023

share December 15, 2023Posted by: Jodie

At the Gloucestershire Carers Hub, we are passionate about supporting unpaid Carers who make such a vital contribution to our communities. In 2023, we were proud to reach over 5,408 Carers across Gloucestershire, offering them a lifeline of support and guidance.

Throughout the year, we made over 11,511 outgoing calls to Carers, providing them with personalised support and a listening ear. We also actively engaged with local community groups, attended events and participated in national campaigns like Active April, Carers Week, and Carers Rights Day.

Our commitment to empowering Carers extends beyond individual support. We have our Buddy Up scheme, connecting Carers with like-minded individuals for friendship, camaraderie, and shared experiences. Our Carers have enjoyed days out across the county, forging bonds and creating lasting memories.

To further enhance our support, we developed our Be Empowered sessions, both online and in person. These interactive workshops have provided Carers with valuable knowledge, skills, and strategies to navigate their caring journeys with greater resilience and confidence.

The feedback we've received from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. "All the topics in Be Empowered were new to me," shared one Carer. "With no support around me prior to going along to the sessions, I found I wasn't on my own."

Another Carer expressed, "As a Carer, you are thrown into what can be an extremely difficult and stressful situation with no prior training. After Be Empowered, things felt clearer and I have more confidence, not just in my caring role, but to be heard."

As we embark on 2024, we are committed to continuing our mission of supporting Gloucestershire's Carers and raising awareness of their invaluable contributions. We look forward to attending more events, expanding our reach, and empowering even more Carers to thrive in their roles.

Thank you to all our Carers for their selfless dedication, and to our partners and supporters for helping us make a difference. Together, we can build a community that truly values and supports the people who support family members, friends and neighbours.

share December 15, 2023Posted by: Jodie