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Gloucestershire Carers Hub Support Carers Rights Day Today

share November 23, 2023Posted by: Charlotte

It’s Carers Rights Day, the theme this year is Your Rights: Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future.

Today our Gloucestershire Carers Hub Team joined many organisations in making sure that unpaid Carers are able to access information surrounding their rights. Unpaid Carers provide essential care and support to individuals who could be family, friends or neighbour's, often at great personal expense.

Gloucestershire Carers Hub is committed to empowering unpaid Carers with the knowledge, and resources they need to advocate for their rights and access the support they deserve.

Following on from our success of touring the outer parts of the county with the support of Gloucestershire NHS Bus over the last few weeks, we are holding an event in Gloucester today for unpaid Carers to access information and support from a range of organisations.

Also, yesterday, there was a presentation at PeoplePlus with our internal Carers group to raise awareness of the rights of Carers and it allowed members of the team who are unpaid Carers to gain knowledge and information.

If you are providing unpaid support to someone, there will be a Carer service near you who can provide support and information for you. You can find out more about your local service by visiting: Support where you live - Carers UK

Your Rights Today

Flexible working: If you are juggling work with your unpaid caring responsibilities, you have the right to request flexible working arrangements.

Priority vaccines: As an unpaid Carer, you are eligible for priority flu and COVID-19 vaccinations. Talk to your GP or local pharmacist for more information. It is also important to register with your GP as an unpaid Carer as they can support you when making appointments and accessing your practice.

Protection from discrimination: The Equality Act 2010 protects unpaid Carers from direct discrimination or harassment because of their caring responsibilities.

Carer's assessment: If you provide regular unpaid care for someone, you are entitled to a carer's assessment. This assessment will identify your needs and help you access the support you are entitled.

Hospital discharge: If the person you care for is being discharged from hospital, the hospital must identify and consult with you, where possible.

New Rights on the Horizon

Carer's Leave Act: This Act, expected to become law in 2024, will give employees juggling work with unpaid care a legal right to request up to five days of unpaid leave every twelve months.

Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act: This Act, also expected to become law in 2024, will make it easier for all employees, including unpaid Carers, to request flexible working arrangements.

If you are supporting someone there is support out there for you to provide you with valuable support and information for you to access.

share November 23, 2023Posted by: Charlotte