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HMP Hindley Gives Great Feedback on Our In-Cell Learning Tech

share May 28, 2024Posted by: Jenna

HMP Hindley from the air

At PeoplePlus, we understand that everyone learns differently. Some people prefer face-to-face interaction, while others thrive in a more self-directed environment. To cater to these diverse needs, we have three innovative TV channels: Wayout TV, Way2Learn, and WAYS. These channels provide prisoners with access to training and education directly in their cells, at a time that suits them.

HMP Hindley is one of the latest prisons to offer these services to their population. Since their launch, we have received fantastic engagement and positive feedback from the prisoners.

These platforms are transforming prisoners' lives by aiding their rehabilitation and education, thereby increasing their life chances, employability options, and ultimately reducing re-offending rates.

Wayout TV is our Information, Advice, and Guidance (IAG) channel, packed with educational content that complements face-to-face learning. It also enables prison Governors and management teams to communicate instantly with prisoners in their cells.

Way2Learn is our in-cell study programme designed for those who may not feel comfortable in a traditional classroom setting. It allows for self-directed study at a pace that suits each individual's learning style.

WAYS (Wayout's Audio and Youth Streaming Service) provides access to urban radio, podcasts, audiobooks, specialist talks, and spoken tutorials via an audio streaming channel.

One prisoner commented, "I prefer to do the Way2Learn courses and not having to physically attend education as I struggle with classrooms. Keep up the good work with the Way2Learn programmes!”

Another prisoner shared, "I finished Creative Writing and it opened up my mind to looking at things differently. I enjoyed the booklet and the feedback was great.”

Jezz Wright, Director of Content & Digital Strategy at PeoplePlus, said, "We're delighted that HMP Hindley has joined the Wayout TV network of channels. Cabling this 'small village' was certainly a challenge but was made so much easier with the help of Lindsey Johnson, Head of Education, Skills, and Work. Lindsey is now driving great quality IAG content on Wayout TV and also encouraging those hard-to-reach prisoners to take up our in-cell education offer."

The introduction of these channels at HMP Hindley marks a significant step forward in providing effective and accessible education to all prisoners, enhancing their opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Visit our WayOutTV video channel here.

share May 28, 2024Posted by: Jenna