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Bringing the Inside, Out at HMP Morton Hall

share May 10, 2024Posted by: Jenna

At HMP Morton Hall where we deliver education, our art class offers prisoners the chance to express themselves, learn, and prepare for a positive future - so much so that their work will be shown in an art exhibition at Bishop Grosseteste University this Summer. 

Art classes within prison settings are not a novel initiative, yet their integration into the curriculum at HMP Morton Hall vividly demonstrates how weaving art into the routine for some prisoners has enabled them to improve their mental wellbeing, build rapport with their group and really take pride in their work; supporting their personal development. As advocated in our "Achieving Positive Resettlement" Thought Leadership Report; the adoption of practical learning styles that incorporate sensory experiences, are especially beneficial for those who have faced challenges with conventional education. Art offers them an escape, and for many, it's a life-changing experience.

Bishop Grosseteste University approached the art department at PeoplePlus to exhibit the men's work, an opportunity that fills the participants with immense pride and highlights the incredible talent and potential that exists. This short video shares the reflections of the men on their work and the opportunities art has opened up for them, along with reflections from the Head of Learning and Skills at HMP Morton Hall Samantha Booth and PeoplePlus' Art Tutor Karen Sharples.

Art, as demonstrated by this initiative, is more than a hobby or a skill. It's a powerful medium for personal growth, community building, and rehabilitation. Through their artwork, the men at HMP Morton Hall are not only learning to express themselves in new and positive ways but are also forging a path towards a more hopeful and fulfilling future. This initiative stands as a testament to the potential of creative education in transforming lives, bringing the inside out into the world.

share May 10, 2024Posted by: Jenna