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Overview of our activities for Carers Week 2024

share June 14, 2024Posted by: Jodie

Putting Carers on the Map: Gloucestershire Carers Hub Celebrates Carers Week 2024

This week, our Gloucestershire Carers Hub team has been busy "Putting Carers on the Map" as part of Carers Week 2024.

They've been all over the county, offering vital support, information, and advice to unpaid Carers. 
Here are some highlights:

Reaching out across Gloucestershire: The team visited various locations throughout the week, ensuring unpaid Carers across the county have access to resources.

A special treat: Some of our unpaid Carers enjoyed a delightful garden tour and cream tea at Highgrove, and a well-deserved break.

Big Health Day: Today, the Carers Hub have joined forces with Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust at the "Big Health Day" in Gloucester, providing information to unpaid Carers and those they support.

Celebrating 20 years of service: The Carers Hub team have also visited and celebrated the incredible 20-year milestone of the Ebony Carers group in Gloucester.

Do you have employees who are Carers?

We have a fantastic Employer Toolkit that can help you make your workplace more Carer-aware. Check it out: Employer Toolkit - Gloucestershire Carers Hub

share June 14, 2024Posted by: Jodie