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PeoplePlus and Smart Works: Tackling Clothing Poverty

share June 04, 2024Posted by: Charlotte

At PeoplePlus, we are dedicated to creating opportunities and changing lives for the better. We are proud to partner with Smart Works, especially during Clothing Poverty Awareness Week, to support women in need.

Smart Works is an amazing charity that helps unemployed women by providing them with high-quality interview clothes and interview coaching. So far, they have supported over 35,000 women. Last year alone, they helped over 8,200 women!

Smart Works are in the final year of their three-year plan with a goal to double the number of women they help to 10,000 a year by 2025. Last year, approximately 27,000 items of clothing, including accessories and shoes, were donated to women in need. These donations help women make a great first impression in their job interviews.

The impact of Smart Works is best seen through the words of the women they help. One woman shared, "From the moment I entered I was made to feel like a celebrity or a princess because of the warmth, love and support the staff poured into me." Another said, "It’s important to make a good first impression especially in the corporate environment. I couldn’t do that without Smart Works."

At PeoplePlus, we share Smart Works' vision of empowering women and reducing poverty. Together, we aim to help more women achieve independence and a brighter future. During Clothing Poverty Awareness Week, we encourage everyone to get involved. You can donate clothing, volunteer, or spread the word. Every action makes a difference.

Join us in supporting Smart Works and making a positive impact on the lives of women across the UK. For more information on Smart Works, visit their website.

share June 04, 2024Posted by: Charlotte