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Promoting Positive Wellbeing in Prisons

share June 26, 2024Posted by: Jenna

This week marks World Wellbeing Week, a time dedicated to promoting positive wellbeing across the globe. At PeoplePlus, enhancing wellbeing isn't confined to a single week; it's a year-round commitment. Through our educational delivery in prisons, we aim to create positive wellbeing by offering a supportive and enriching learning environment, offering the men and women with whom we work, not only an education and a qualification, but time away from their cell, the opportunity to learn from and interact positively with their peers, and a pathway to personal growth and emotional healing.

Here's just a flavour of some of the things we’re doing to promote positive wellbeing across the prisons we work in - both everyday, and in celebration of World Wellbeing Week:

World Wellbeing Week serves as a reminder of the importance of positive wellbeing, a goal we strive to achieve every day at PeoplePlus. Through our diverse educational and recreational curriculum in prisons, we continue to provide opportunities for personal growth, social interaction, and emotional healing.

Check out more of the great work happening across our prisons here

share June 26, 2024Posted by: Jenna