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Restart in Maidstone helps Marcus turn his life around

share May 09, 2024Posted by: Charlotte

Marcus joined the Restart scheme in our Maidstone branch last May and at first he did not want to engage with it at all, missing many appointments. He had disclosed that he was a substance abuser and was still struggling with his addictions. His mental health was deteriorating, and he was actively putting himself in bad situations whilst associating with people who had similar problems to himself which was not helpful. However, in October he finally decided enough was enough. He really wanted to turn his life around and came in for an appointment with his Employment Advisor (EA), Danielle, who had been trying to engage with him through this difficult period.

They decided the best approach was to work together as much as possible going forward and make positive changes. They started this by introducing him to a stable and productive routine. The first step included referring him to one of our partners, The Better Health Generation. He attended every single session which he said made a huge improvement to his mental wellbeing and made him feel so much happier. His EA also set up weekly appointments alongside weekly Job Clubs so Marcus would be in the office twice a week for multiple hours each time. This resulted in him using his time positively to actively increase his skill set and make productive changes. Marcus also attended 2 different courses with our Skills Trainer, Alex who said: 

"He ended up being our most engaged participant and was even awarded a certificate for his amazing efforts." 

Marcus has now been clean for a while which is an amazing accomplishment and he is so much more confident in himself. He now has ambitions and goals he wants to achieve. His next steps are to start looking for suitable employment. 

His EA said:

“Marcus is more than ready and capable of entering the workplace and excelling in any position that is offered to him.”

share May 09, 2024Posted by: Charlotte