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Tesco and PeoplePlus Join Forces for Socially Responsible Recruitment

share October 02, 2023Posted by: Emma

Tesco and PeoplePlus share one vision, to help people get back into work. Since 2017 we’ve worked together to do just that. Over 500 times!

Our 2023 festive recruitment campaign is currently underway and is our biggest yet, with more than 500 Tesco stores agreeing to take part and extending a lifeline to the young people who need it the most.

Training providers from our Social Recruitment Framework are working with young people all over the country right now to get them ready for Tesco. 100’s of candidates are training up to start work placements next week and we can’t wait to see how this opportunity changes their lives.

The Heart of the Partnership:

Tesco's mission was clear: to assist young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in honing their skills and self-confidence, ultimately helping them secure employment. Tesco offered invaluable work placements and guaranteed interview opportunities to those aged 16-30 who required extra support. By collaborating with PeoplePlus and our Social Recruitment Framework, Tesco reaped numerous benefits, including:

Through PeoplePlus, Tesco has not only diversified its recruitment process but also played a pivotal role in fostering positive change within local communities. Our candidates are people who have typically struggled to find their place in the world of work and are facing disadvantage due to long term unemployment, disability or having convictions. By embracing these groups, Tesco has made a monumental impact while creating a more diverse and inclusive team.

The Success Story:

Meet Liam, a testament to the program's success. Having completed the program last year, we recently caught up with him to uncover the profound impact it had on his life.

A Future of Endless Potential:

Following the 2023 festive campaign, PeoplePlus is set to become Tesco's go-to Social Recruitment partner for all ongoing recruitment needs. We are eager to continue our journey together, growing stronger with each step.

Join the Conversation:

Sam Sullivan, Tesco's Pre-Employability & Work Placement Manager, is true champion of social recruitment. On October 3rd, she will host a Lunch and Learn session, delving into the importance of recruiting young talents. Sam's passion for empowering school leavers to flourish at Tesco shines through, making this event a must-attend. Secure your spot on Eventbrite: 

Lunch and Learn with Tesco's Sam Sullivan - Why engaging in Schools Matters Tickets, Tue 3 Oct 2023 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

Discover a Better Way to Recruit:

Curious about how you can partner with PeoplePlus for socially responsible recruitment? Explore our Social Recruitment Framework at Social Recruitment Framework 

share October 02, 2023Posted by: Emma