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The Midlife MOT through 2023

share December 13, 2023Posted by: Charlotte

Since the launch of the PeoplePlus Midlife MOT service 6 months ago it’s been busy for the team who have enjoyed supporting over 160 employees and 30 employers across the Northeast of England to plan ahead for a positive future.

The team made up of 3 Midlife Advisors, 2 Work Coaches, 1 Programme Manager, 1 Co-ordinator and 2 Employer Relationship Managers, have offered varied support from financial guidance, including investments and pensions, to health and wellbeing advice, including health assessments. They are busy planning the new year ahead and due to demand on the service will be expanding the team adding a further Midlife Advisor.

Throughout 2023 the team have listened to vital feedback from participants to improve the service for example, additional support around menopause in the workplace was added. Feedback is essential and during 2024 they will continue to do listen and implement improvements to provide real support to real problems.

It’s been a great year and the team are looking forward to supporting employers and their employees in 2024.

Here’s what some of the people we have worked with so far have said.


share December 13, 2023Posted by: Charlotte