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Online Wellbeing Coaching

One-to-one online wellbeing coaching

Our solution-based coaching is a brief (45 minute + email follow-up) health intervention focused on helping your employees to make structured plans to improve their wellbeing, whether this be physical, mental or social.

Our coaches are qualified at degree level or above in a health-related field and are highly experienced in facilitating behaviour change. The sessions are designed to help attendees to assess their current and desired levels of wellbeing and use an approach based on finding feasible solutions to achieve the latter. Whilst single sessions are sufficient for some situations, up to four sessions are recommended for multiple wellbeing needs, or more complex approaches.

During the sessions, your employees might: 

  • Set goals to improve lifestyle choices such as diet, physical activity and recovery
  • Understand their personal barriers to change and how to overcome them
  • Examine their time management, individual stressors and build resilience
  • Take stock of their personal strengths and use them to plan improvements
  • Learn a range of techniques to view situations differently
  • Develop effective and positive adaptations and coping strategies to the current situation

Coaching sessions are not a clinical assessment or intervention, although they can complement medical services where appropriate and we will signpost to your own OH /EAP services where necessary.

“For other organisations looking to roll-out their wellbeing strategy, we would strongly suggest that you speak to PeoplePlus first.”

Rebecca Eaton, Lead Health and Wellness Partner, United Utilities

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