Online Wellbeing Training

Our team of wellbeing experts have a wealth of experience in delivering online training for health and wellbeing.

You probably know PeoplePlus best for our world class training delivery. Did you know that we also deliver online training to thousands of people?

From webinars that can accommodate large numbers of your employees, to virtual classroom courses that allow for deep learning in smaller interactive groups.

Whatever your needs, PeoplePlus can deliver them for you.

Our team of experts

Rob Woollen, Director of Health and Wellbeing

Rob has been delivering online learning for global corporations since 2012, providing digital health and wellbeing training to companies including JP Morgan Chase, GSK, State Street, IBM, Microsoft and HSBC. Rob is adamant that there is no classroom exercise that cannot be recreated in a digital space and specialises in recreating the engagement and participation that people have come to expect from our face-to-face training. Rob holds an MSc in Work and Wellbeing and manages to find time to lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School as well as leading a team of wellbeing experts and delivering outstanding online training at PeoplePlus.

Our team of experienced wellbeing trainers are all degree qualified in a health-related field and are extremely passionate about their subjects.

What’s on offer?

Our digital wellbeing solutions are available as ad-hoc services or as part of our great value digital subscription packages. Our four wellbeing packages have been designed to suit a range of workplace wellbeing needs, from free webinars to the fully comprehensive ‘Sustain It’ package for those companies who want to leverage all the opportunities to maximise wellbeing in a digital world.

Our wellbeing courses and webinars

The following online delivery methods are available within our wellbeing packages. Click for more information about the courses we offer:

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