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Choose from 100's of online bite size courses

Learn from the comfort of your own home with our popular online courses.

We offer hundreds of affordable and flexible bite-sized learning courses, allowing you to study wherever you want and in your own time.

These courses are nationally recognised and will help you become an asset to any employer. Pick up the skills to make you more employable and to help you progress through the ranks.

From helping you communicate better to ensuring you follow the correct procedures, our courses will help you and your employer be compliant, more productive and ready to achieve more.

We’ve delivered more than 90,000 courses to people so far. And with over 350 courses to choose from, you can be sure we’ll be able to help you pick up the skills you’re looking for.

Our courses cover things like:

  • Delegation
  • Environmental awareness
  • Equal opportunities
  • Fire safety
  • Flexible working
  • Food safety
  • Health and safety
  • Microsoft Office
  • Personal licensing
  • Time management
  • Understanding body language

Start your online training journey today.

More than 90000 courses delivered so far

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