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youCan wellbeing for employers
wellbeing for employers

YouCan helps people on their journey towards positive wellbeing. 

It helps improve productivity and performance and enables you to prioritise wellbeing and develop the tools you need to make positive changes every day. It is delivered by our dedicated health and wellbeing experts. 

The programme can be delivered online or face to face, and is made up of four two hour sessions. An additional wellbeing pack is also available which contains a colouring book, workbook, water bottle and other wellbeing products. 

YouCan brings together groups of likeminded people (PA’s, Carers and Health and social care workers) to reduce the feeling of isolation and provide a safe environment to share experiences, improving wellbeing and building a peer support network

The four sessions offer advice and guidance and encourage you to talk, share experiences and develop a support network.

  • YouCan Be You - explores emotions and coping strategies for work and life
  • YouCan Bounce Back - looks to improve resilience, confidence, self esteems and tackles burn out
  • YouCan Be Healthy - introduces small changes that make big differences through sleep, exercise and healthier lifestyles
  • YouCan Do It -  encourages positive thinking, mindfulness techniques, being thankful and creating a practical plan for the future.

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I have enjoyed all the sessions especially as I have recognised and realised how important it is to look after my own physical and mental wellbeing, and how this is necessary to build the resilience needed in my caring role” YouCan attendee

 83 percent of people who have attended YouCan said their wellbeing has improved

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