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19-24 year old Traineeship Delivery

PeoplePlus is currently seeking partners to support our 19-24 year old Traineeship delivery within the East Midlands and West Midlands regions.

We are looking for ‘end-to-end’ Delivery Partners to join our supply chain, particularly organisations:

  • With a strong track record of local delivery of 19-24 year old Traineeship programmes within the East Midlands and West Midlands
  • With effective existing local integration supporting communities and priority learner groups
  • With strong employer links to support work placement sourcing and job progression outcomes
  • Delivering strong positive progression and employment outcomes for learners
  • That can demonstrate local infrastructure and readiness to deliver in East Midlands and West Midlands; and effective response to the impact of Covid-19
  • Delivering innovative training provision and skills solutions


We are looking to hear from a diverse range of partners who share our vision, values and commitment to delivering high performing services that transform people’s lives.


*Please note that we will only consider Expressions of Interests from organisations that have delivered Traineeships within the last 3 years


The EOI is an online survey with a return date of 12noon Wednesday 3rd March 2021. The EOI is an active survey and will automatically save your data until the deadline submission time/date.


Please complete the Request an EOI form via this link: https://ppl.plus/EOIRequest


You will then receive an email with a unique link to your EOI.


If you have any questions about this process please contact: partners@peopleplus.co.uk

We are passionate about building a better society, transforming people’s lives through skills and employment.

Our true strength lies in a collaborative approach, working in partnership so that we can truly understand and navigate social and economic factors at a regional level.

Partnership Team

Contact us at partners@peopleplus.co.uk

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