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Delivery Partners

We strive to offer the best possible management, expertise and development resources to our delivery partners, including:

· A dedicated Delivery Partner Management function with experienced key contacts

· Support from specialist HR, Implementation, Marketing, IT and training teams

· A bespoke MI system specifically designed to support high volume, multi-site services

· Independent Quality Assurance, Finance, Continuous Improvement and Audit teams to achieve the highest standards of compliance and inspection

The Merlin Standard

We are fully committed to being fair, honest and transparent with our Partners at every stage of our Partner relationships. We are passionate about creating a positive and supportive environment for our Partners and this is recognised through our achievement of the Merlin Standard accreditation.

Designed by the Department for Work and Pensions, in collaboration with the Welfare sector, the Merlin Standard aims to encourage excellence in delivery partner management and ensure fair treatment of all delivery partners. Although the Merlin Standard is a mandatory requirement for our DWP Contracts; we align the Merlin Principles across all areas of our business where we manage any delivery partners to ensure consistency and integrity of our overall management.

As an organisation, this independent assessment of our relationships with and treatment of our delivery partners underpins the strength of our management processes and the way in which we work with our partners.

The Merlin Standard’s assessments focus on eight fundamental and integrated Principles:

Design | Procure | Contract | Funding | Develop | Performance Manage | Quality Assurance & Compliance | Review & Close

We are passionate about building a better society, transforming people’s lives through skills and employment.

Our true strength lies in a collaborative approach, working in partnership so that we can truly understand and navigate social and economic factors at a regional level.

Partnership Team

Since the launch of the Merlin Standard in 2012, the three companies that merged to create PeoplePlus (2015) have completed four Merlin Assessments – July 2012, June 2014, June 2016 and March 2018.

In 2018, PeoplePlus received an overall assessment outcome of 83% (Good), with the report noting:  

The inclusive approach PeoplePlus has undertaken to complete the annual Self-Assessment Review (SAR), culminating in the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) continues to be embedded across the supply chains and Partners confirmed their involvement and the sharing of the QIP at the end of the process. This has been found to drive performance improvements in the supply chains and direct delivery.” 

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