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Feed the Nation: Get Involved

Feed the Nation: Get Involved

Covid-19 has re-shaped the dimensions of supply and demand in the UK labour market.

PeoplePlus UK and Staffline Recruitment Limited have responded to this unprecedented challenge with a nationwide ‘worker transition service’ which will facilitate the migration of the maximum number of workers to our new ‘essential services’ in food supply, retail and delivery in support of the #feedthenation campaign.


Working with our partners – many of the UK’s leading supermarket retailers and food supply-chain operators; and our established national network of accredited training providers – our www.feedthenation.co.uk website is offering redundant or ‘at risk’ workers, or those on zero hours contracts or in the gig economy, a range of ‘transition’ options based on their skills and experience, to allow them the quickest possible access to the many thousands of vacancies which Staffline’s employer partners are urgently looking to fill.

We need, more than ever, to come together as a country to keep these essential services running.


How to get Involved

Partners can easily get involved with the #feedthenation campaign in several different ways and help support thousands of people into work:

  • Spread the word of the campaign by promoting the website (www.feedthenation.co.uk) around your existing networks and by using the hashtag #feedthenation on social media.
  • Signposting and referring your customers, learners and candidates direct to the website (www.feedthenation.co.uk) to enable them to access and apply direct to thousands of vacancies.
  • Support in the delivery of short intensive online sector-specific and personal wellbeing training.
  • Joining our Social Recruitment model – Intelligent Routeway Framework (nationally recognised training provider network); supporting in the delivery of 1-2week training; providing individuals with in-depth industry knowledge, work preparation, wellbeing and resilience training before moving to a guaranteed interview.


For further information on how to get involved please contact partners@peopleplus.co.uk


We are passionate about building a better society, transforming people’s lives through skills and employment.

Our true strength lies in a collaborative approach, working in partnership so that we can truly understand and navigate social and economic factors at a regional level.

Partnership Team

Contact us at partners@peopleplus.co.uk

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