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PeoplePlus: Organisation Overview & Mission

PeoplePlus is a leading public service provider; supporting hundreds of thousands of people each year to transform their lives and businesses; including across Wales. Our mission is to make a difference to the lives of 1 million people by 2022 through our unique range of sector-leading public services and innovative solutions.

We run a number of frontline public services including employment support, skills training, apprenticeships, enterprise, independent living, and prison education on behalf of the government, as well as recruitment, training and development and wellbeing solutions to employers.

We aim to:

  • Support people to find and keep jobs, and help others set up their own businesses
  • Deliver skills and training to ensure people can access the right employment and enhance their career prospects
  • Help people live more independently with disability and carer support services
  • Reduce the risk of reoffending by tackling the root causes of crime and offending
  • Work with businesses to attract talent and develop workforces through apprenticeships and learning and development programmes.
  • Develop wellbeing strategies for businesses that look to improve mental health in the workplace


PeoplePlus: Partner Opportunity Requirements

PeoplePlus is currently seeking partners to support our bid for the New Jobs Growth Wales Plus opportunity.

Jobs Growth Wales Plus is a new Welsh Government £25m per annum Employability programme delivered over 4 years. The new programme will be an amalgamation of two current programmes: traineeships & Jobs Growth Wales to support 16-18 year olds; with delivery due to commence March 2022.


We are looking for ‘end-to-end’ and ‘Specialist’ Delivery Partners to join our supply chain, particularly organisations:

·       With a strong track record of local delivery of training, skills and employability programmes supporting Young People (16-18 year olds) within Wales.

·       Delivering work preparation, employability, Maths and English training and support

·       With effective employer engagement strategies, demonstrating strong existing local employer relationships to support programme delivery, securing work placements and progressions

·       With effective learner engagement strategies, with established local learner referral networks and existing local integration supporting communities and priority learner groups

·       Delivering strong positive progression and employment outcomes for learners

·       Delivering through the medium of Welsh or Bilingually

·       Supporting priority learner groups; including, but not limited to, specialists supporting additional learning needs, mental health, homelessness, carers, BAME

·       Delivering innovative training provision and skills solutions

·       That can demonstrate local infrastructure and readiness to deliver in Wales; including effective response to the impact of Covid-19


We are looking to hear from a diverse range of partners who share our vision, values and commitment to delivering high performing services that transform people’s lives.

The EOI is an online survey with a return date of  5pm Tuesday 26th January. The EOI is an active survey and will automatically save your data until the deadline submission time/date.


Please complete the Request an EOI form via this link:

You will then receive an email with a unique link to your EOI.


If you have any questions about this process please contact:

We are passionate about building a better society, transforming people’s lives through skills and employment.

Our true strength lies in a collaborative approach, working in partnership so that we can truly understand and navigate social and economic factors at a regional level.

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