What is PartnerPlus?

PartnerPlus spans all parts of our business, and is a trusted partnering approach combining strategic, specialist and delivery capabilities for mutual benefit, ultimately to improve customer service.

Why is it different?

PeoplePlus is setting its own standards and seeking partnering arrangements to harness the benefits of not only joint delivery, but the sharing of its own resource, capacity, strategy and insight. As a national company which understands the benefits of successful partnering, PeoplePlus wants to use its scale to develop a coordinated quality approach to partnering. By committing to be part of PartnerPlus, partners benefit from being part of a forward thinking approach to partnering, operating with integrity, teamwork and honesty.

More Information

PeoplePlus has a long track record of successfully working in partnership to improve services provided to customers and commissioners. PartnerPlus creates the next step of a journey in terms of excellence and leadership in partnering and supply chain management.

Building on our Merlin accredited supply chain management systems and processes, PartnerPlus reflects a further level of collaboration with partners and stakeholder organisations, based on the principles of trusted partnering. PartnerPlus is structured at 3 levels; Strategic, Delivery and Specialist. It not only allows us access to a range of established partners, but it also enables us to tailor support to partners in different ways.

How Does it Work?

Communication Regular communication around sector ideas, opportunities and information, new bids and important changes.
Innovation Innovation groups; key partners working together on subjects of relevance, for example workshops, thought events or innovation events hosted around key topics e.g. new opportunities, sectors, geographical locations, responding to or creating new opportunities.
Strategy Strategic partnership working with a key relationship partner, building long-lasting, mutually beneficial, dynamic relationships bespoke to each partner: e.g. shared intelligence, critical friend, feedback, complimentary use of facilities, resource and sponsorship.

We are passionate about building a better society, transforming people’s lives through skills and employment.

Our true strength lies in a collaborative approach, working in partnership so that we can truly understand and navigate social and economic factors at a regional level.

Ian Carlier – Head of Partnerships & Development

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