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At PeoplePlus we know how important health and wellbeing is in the workplace. With 1 in 6 people experiencing a mental health issue at work, it is a topic that cannot be ignored.

At PeoplePlus we have four spheres of wellbeing – great work, financial, physical and mental. We believe they need to work together to create optimum wellbeing in the workplace. See our animation which demonstrates what happens in each of our spheres.

Research determines that employers who have implemented a health and wellbeing strategy into their workplace have seen employer engagement and morale increase by 44%. PeoplePlus has recognised that retaining a happy and healthy workforce is key to productivity. We have brought together the widest range of proven best-in-class service providers to deliver a series of solutions that are proactively addressing wellbeing in the workplace.

We can work with any employer, catering for any requirement and every level of maturity in terms of an organisation’s wellbeing strategy.

Proactive Services

  • Wellbeing diagnostic and insight package
    A corporate wellbeing check to discuss where you are and where you need to be
  • Wellbeing Action Package
    Actioning recommendations insights, evaluation & impact analysis
  • Wellbeing Support Package
    We can support you with wellbeing campaigns, calendars, marketing campaigns and national theme days.
  • Digital Innovation Package
    My Wellbeing Portal
  • Absence Management
    Portal, triage, telephone assessments, face to face and case management
  • Mental Health First Responder
    A two day programme delivered in your workplace or via one of our open programmes
  • Mental Health Awareness
    Personal, manager and organisational levels
  • Wellbeing Events:
    Fun events, competitions, games and challenges to raise awareness at work, conferences and events
  • Inclusivity and Diversity Wellbeing:
    Establishing a balanced, inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Wellbeing Champion Training
  • Resilience and stress reduction coaching
  • Health checks and screening
  • Healthy living
    Healthy office, workouts, clinics, assessments, healthy audit and coaching
  • Health & Wellbeing Workshops
    One and half day workshops covering; stress, resilience, nutrition, back pain and general wellbeing

Reactive Services

  • Occupational health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sickness absence management
  • Case management
  • DSE Assessment
  • Workplace Assessment
  • EAP & Talking therapies
  • Virtual GP services
  • Event/trauma related interactions

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