Mental Health Training

Poor mental health affects one in six people in the workplace, and costs the government over £34 billion a year.

PeoplePlus has developed a suite of mental health training courses which are ideal for employers who are looking to build awareness in this area, and proactively prevent mental health issues occurring.

As a business who is committed to improving mental health in the workplace we have signed the Time to Change pledge.

This one day course is delivered by one of our Mental Health First Responder accredited team. It was originally developed by our Head of Wellbeing following on from a request from a client. He has now trained over 200 Wellbeing Champions and over 100 Mental Health Responders for one company alone!

The course covers practical aspects of support for colleagues with mental health conditions, or those in distress. It also covers:

  • Attitudes towards mental health
  • Breaking down stigma
  • Understanding common mental health conditions
  • Signposting to specialist help
  • Mental wellbeing and how it can be improved
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Resilience and tips to build resilience

Course Dates Available:

18th June – Manchester Venue TBC

26th June Birmingham – Edmund House

11th July – Sheffield Portland House

5th Sept Birmingham Edmund house

7th Oct – Birmingham Edmund House

21st November – Birmingham Edmund House


This course can be delivered in your workplace to groups of colleagues at a time to suit you.

For more information and booking, email or call 07980 755666

This half or full day interactive training course provides managers with the skills and confidence to have mental health conversations and build truly healthy workplaces. It covers:

  • Equipping managers with an understanding of the business case for employee wellbeing and the soft skills needed to maximise the wellbeing of their direct reports
  • Examining both the person-centred and the compliance approach to mental health and stress
  • Drawing on guidance from the HSE, CIPD and with reference to relevant legislation
  • Managers will also have the opportunity to live coach specific situations from their experience

This two hour online training course covers all the basics of recognising mental health issues that might occur in the workplace.

The course is delivered via webinar and will offer participants the opportunity to develop and assess their own understanding of mental health. The journey will be delivered by a Mental Health Consultant who will encourage participation in a series of quizzes, online exercises and text-based discussion.

The webinar is a safe learning environment which encourages respect and diversity for all.

The course broadly covers:

  • reducing stigma and encouraging a more open culture
  • how mental health can affect people
  • perceptions of mental health
  • understanding that everyone has mental health along with physical health
  • conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress
  • understanding the affect of drugs and alcohol on mental health conditions
  • how to find and give support
  • individual wellbeing

Mental health receives plenty of coverage in the press, and many organisations now realise their obligations and responsibilities to look after their workforce. Any business looking to develop their mental health and wider wellbeing strategies will ensure they are recruiting and retaining the best workforce whilst adhering to legal responsibilities.

By taking proactive steps in business to ensure risk is managed in relation to the effects of mental health will enable a business to stand out as an employer and ensure their workforce is supported and productive.

Developing mental health strategy is now seen as a crucial part of a company’s wider HR or health & safety policy. PeoplePlus will assist any business looking to develop their policies to ensure an investment is both effective and compliant by:

  • Providing the tools necessary to understand how mental health issues affect a workforce
  • Measuring change and ensuring businesses have the data required to provide ongoing improvements to a company
  • Coaching the workforce to be mental health aware
  • Training mental health first aiders in the workplace
  • Ensuring compliance with guidance from the Health, and Safety Executive in managing mental health in the workplace
  • Launching initiatives such as the Time to Change pledge to demonstrate commitment to mental health in the workplace

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For more information and to book, contact- Rob Woollen, Head of Health & Wellbeing or 07980 755666

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