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Get a vocational training grant up to £1500

If you have been made redundant or unemployed in the past 12 months, or you are under current notice of redundancy you could be eligible for the ReAct+ vocational training grant.

We are working with Careers Wales to support people who are unemployed, to get back into work with our vocational learning plan.

We have hundreds of online courses to choose from, that can be done from home online, as well as courses that can be done face to face in one of our centres and the best bit - through ReAct+ a grant of £1500 is available to cover the cost of the courses! The grant doesn't need to be paid back either.

Check out all the available online courses here

Here are our face to face courses

Health & Social Care

This qualification is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to care for others in a broad range of health or social care settings.

The core qualification in Health and Social Care is flexible to suit all fields of health and social care. You can select a pathway that suits your ambitions - for example, working with people with a learning disability, people with dementia or children and young people.

This is the main qualification required by the Quality Care Commission in England and the Care Councils in Wales and Northern Ireland and will take 8 weeks to complete, studying for one day a week.

Week 1 - Safeguarding and professional practice
Week 2- Principles and values
Week 3 - Health & wellbeing
Week 4 - Health & Safety
Week 5 - Learners to sit Live MCQ Test. Reflections to be carried out to cover all elements of teaching and learning
Weeks 6 & 7 - Live case studies
Week 8 - Live case study and evaluation

Customer Service

The objective of this qualification is to prepare you for employment, improve your knowledge and get you a nationally recognised qualification. The qualification will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of effective customer service and supporting the customer service environment. The course runs over 2 weeks, for 5 days a week.

Day 1 & 2 - The principles of customer service
Day 3 - Understand customer needs and expectations
Day 4 - Responding to problems or complaints
Day 5 - Understanding teamwork
Day 6 - Identify legislation which supports the customer service process
Day 7 - Reflections on learning
Day 8 - Apply the practical skills required to deliver effective customer service
Day 9 - Demonstrate how to meet customer needs and expectations
Day 10 - Communicate effectively with customers

Security - Door Supervisor

Door supervisors are often the first point of contact between many businesses and members of the public. It is important therefore, that they are effectively trained and meet legal requirements in what can be a challenging environment. The Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry is aimed at anyone who wants to apply for a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work legally as a door supervisor. The course covers:

Day 1 - 4 - Principles of working in the private security industry
Day 5 & 6 - Application of conflict management
Day 7 & 8 - Physical intervention

Business Admin

This is the ideal start for those who are new to business administration. It has been developed to support people who are looking to progress into an administration role. Able to apply to a range of occupational sectors, it will give you the knowledge and understanding of business and administration, leading to a nationally recognised qualification. The course covers:

Day 1 & 2 - Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment
Day 3 & 4 - Principles of managing information and producing documents
Day 5 - 7 - Supporting business events, providing administrative services and managing documents
Days 8 - 10 - Providing administrative services and supporting business change


This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge to enable you to start, or build on a career in a range of construction and building industries. By completing the learning and assessment for Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, this provides you with the qualification required to apply for a CSCS Card. The course includes:

Day 1 - Working in construction and building
Day 2 - Health & hygiene in construction
Day 3 - Environmental sustainability
Day 4 - Equality and diversity
Day 5 - Principles of management, information and communication
Day 6 - Conflict management in the private security industry
Day 7-9 - Health & safety in a construction environment
Day 10 - Final review and assessment

You can find out more on the Careers Wales website

Or email us at [email protected] 

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