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Retail Apprenticeships

We have a range of apprenticeships designed for anyone working in a retail setting and assisting customers.

From our level 2 retailer and specialised food / drink programmes, up to our level 3 and 4 retail team leading and management programmes, we can help your organisation develop a range of retail skills, knowledge and behaviours.

We’re already helping some of the UK’s top retailers to implement a multi-level retail apprenticeship programme, offering their apprentices a fantastic career path within their business.

Our retail apprenticeships include:

  • Retailer Level 2
  • Retail Team Leader Level 3
  • Retail Manager Level 4

“On completion of my apprenticeship I was guaranteed a permanent job within the team and in the future, there could be the possibility of further education and learning

Lois McClure
Lois McClure , The Co-op
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