This programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund

Skills Training for Your Business in the West Midlands

If you struggle to recruit people with the right skills to grow your business, we can help you do things differently.

Our tailored Skills Support for the Workforce Programme is a free service, created to help small to medium-sized employers turn their business growth plans into reality by up-skilling their existing workforce, specifically in the Birmingham and Solihull area. We work with employers to identify their skills gaps and recommend bespoke training plans which will give their workforce they skills they need to grow the business. And the best bit – we even deliver the training for free.

We’re fully funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and in partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The ‘Skills Support for the Workforce’ in Birmingham and Solihull programme, compliments the LEP’s broader initiative to support growth in small and medium-sized businesses throughout the region..

As a leading approved training provider, we deliver on this programme and work with employers to identify their skills gaps in the areas of; management, leadership and staff performance.

Effective management training teaches vital skills needed to keep employees motivated, productive and committed. Likewise, good communication can lead to happier, more motivated employees, especially when managers develop a habit of recognising and appreciating employee achievements.

A good (or bad) manager affects employee performance, satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, turnover and the overall health of any organisation.

If your company is in business to make a profit, it goes without saying that investing in training, financially or with your time, is a smart move.


  • Develop your staff at no cost
  • Flexible training plans, designed to help your business grow
  • Range of courses to suit most needs
  • Staff can study remotely on own computer, laptops and phones
  • Staff can study in their own time – no impact on day to day operations
  • Complimentary to staff CPD requirements
  • Essential to your commitment to staff development
  • Promotes staff wellbeing, which in turn encourages staff retention

Eligibility applies:

  • Based in Birmingham or Solihull area
  • Small or medium sized businesses that employ less than 250 people

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