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The Social Recruitment Advocacy Group has been set up to encourage employers and the public sector to place greater emphasis on recruiting people who are disadvantaged in the labour market. With high unemployment levels, individuals who are already facing significant challenges and disadvantage in the labour market risk falling even further to the back of the queue. Young people, people with disabilities and those who have been through the criminal justice system, often have a great deal of talent and risk being overlooked, furthering societal inequality.

What is social value recruitment?

Social value recruitment is a commitment to, and the development of, organisational policies that drive active recruitment and job progression for groups facing disadvantage in the labour market.  The act of Social Value Recruitment creates social benefit beyond the employment of an individual, achieving long term improvement to the community and wider society. It drives a more inclusive, dynamic economy and contributes to stronger economic growth.

The goals of the group are to:

  • Identify the perceived barriers to employer social recruitment
  • Show the benefits of social recruitment
  • Raise awareness of social recruitment to employers
  • Provide a network that supports employers to develop social recruitment programmes
  • Provide a knowledge bank of best practice that employers can access
  • Collectively influence policies that increase social recruitment
  • Act as a powerful advocacy group, bringing about action that reduces inequality

More on our goals can be read on our Charter

    Our Members

    The group is chaired by former Skills Minister Rt Hon Anne Milton, and our members include:

    Is your company leading the way on social recruitment? If so, we'd love to hear from you 

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