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Our Social Value Specialism

Bidding and pitching are deliberately challenging, designed to eliminate, not include, companies from a targeted short list of possible contract winners or investment prospects.

PeoplePlus actively create social value solutions and deliver those solutions in a range of contracts. Alignment between proposal and delivery mechanisms create social value, day to day, as we embed and extend our contracts across and into diverse communities across the UK. From our Employability, Prison Education, Social Recruitment, and Independent Living Support divisions to every individual we help - striving to compound the impact of changing one life at a time is the bedrock of our mission. 

In this way, our business as usual activities make us leaders in the creation of social value. Between 2018 and 2022 alone, we made a difference to the lives of over 1 million people - achieved during some of the toughest years businesses have faced.

For both commercial and public service contracts, meeting criteria for a possible 20-30% social value weighting takes investment, planning and expertise. 

Its why the bidding and social value solutions design expertise underpinning PeoplePlus projects is available to partners and clients as an element of our Social Value Services portfolio. 

Bid Writing

PeoplePlus has a team of 20+ bidding experts who can help you craft bid responses, capturing your own solutions as well as those we have designed with you. The team has won over 250 bids since 2019, with a c.75% win rate.

Solution design

A specialist Social Value Solutions Manager can work with you to design a tailored package of Social Value initiatives, focused on People and Communities. We have a wide range of proven products and services ready to tailor to your business, as well as helping you develop new offers to exceed the requirements of a specific bidding opportunity or project.

Financial Modelling

We provide fully costed social value solutions that have been tailored to your exact needs. We can ensure costs are provided in a way that meets the requirements of any financial bid template.

We witness the benefits to gain from changing bidding practices, and how they outweigh the risk of sticking with the status quo.

Working with You

Whether helping to draft a bid from scratch, offering Social Value solutions for existing business development activities, or applying principles to an existing bid, our passionate and approachable team have a track record you can trust. 

"PeoplePlus' social value consultancy team are undoubtedly experts in their field, with a unique perspective and local knowledge, helping us to understand how best to create true social value, and real social impact when delivering our services. They are a mine of new ideas and very easy to work with!" G4S

PeoplePlus has established community networks that enable us to align activities with local social need. This geographical coverage makes us confident, but never complacent, about our understanding. We know social value is a dynamic, moving target.

Contact us at [email protected] and we will connect you with a member of the Bid Consultancy team for a complimentary and confidential conversation on how our service can be tailored to suit your sector specific needs.

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