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Talent Recruitment

PeoplePlus Talent is a talent hub connecting employers with the brightest young talent. It focuses on hiring people based on attitudes and behaviours.

The importance of attracting, retaining and developing people is something we’re passionate about championing and with 95% of employers saying they would hire for attitude and behaviours over skill, we know this is a key issue. To maximise our ability to support people, we have reviewed our approach and used evidence-based theory to develop a recruitment process that increases the predictability of recruiting the ‘right fit’ candidates for employers.

About the Service

Designed to improve the predictability of the recruitment process for employers, our approach uses techniques evidenced to deliver the best role prediction rate for clients. Our solutions ensure time clients spend engaging on talent attraction is used on candidates with the closest fit to the roles they are recruiting for.

Our Approach to Working with Employers

  • Candidate sourcing and sifting
  • Online testing – We put every single one of our candidates through general intelligence tests that cover literacy, numeracy, aptitude, attention to detail and numerical reasoning. These can be compared against a group and the national average.
  • Video interviews – Using Skype or Facetime candidates will then participate in a remote video interview with us, which we record for the employer to see.
  • Psychometric profiling (DISC) is a behavior assessment tool which centers on four different behavioral traits: Dominance, Influence, Supportand Compliance. We produce a detailed DISC report for every individual candidate and match this with the DISC profile of the employer we are working with. We can then identify ‘good matches.’
  • Assessment Centres – We believe in giving our candidates the right opportunity to shine. We construct challenging scenarios to observe and grade our candidates’ behaviour and aptitude against a scoring matrix on communication, self-management, team work, problem solving and self assurance. These centres are specific to each business’ needs and job requirements and are a mandatory part of the recruitment process.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing matches favourably against the traditional percentage of a salary charging method. We can offer a lower price per head for volume. For example, if you hire between 8 and 15 candidates the cost will be the same. Download our rate card here

From empowering candidates to showcase their abilities, to offering a new talent attraction service for employers we firmly believe the PeoplePlus Talent approach is what really puts employers in control of their recruitment.

Download the CIPD’s latest Labour Report here

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