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Social Recruitment Advocacy Group

Our Charter

The Social Recruitment Advocacy Group is a collective formed to accelerate the creation of social value through the adoption of socially responsible recruitment practices.

The purpose of the Charter Mark is to recognise and promote excellence in social value recruitment, distinguishing organisations from others in their field. Holding the mark enhances an organisation's reputation by demonstrating commitment to high standards and best practice, and drives a culture of continuous improvement.  SRAG charter mark levels span Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ambassador levels.  

Bronze status is awarded upon joining the SRAG and signing up to the Charter. Silver and Gold levels are self-assigned on completion of a self-assessment review undertaken in collaboration with the SRAG Secretariat.

Ambassador level is attained by members that embed social value recruitment into their mainstream business practices. It also requires the SRAG member group to encourage their supply chain to adopt inclusive recruitment principles as well as being an active advocate for social value recruitment in their external communication and engagement.  

The process is designed to enable organisations to progress across the levels so that as many members as possible are able to achieve Ambassador status.  

The Charter Mark scheme supports the development of sector agnostic, social recruitment principles to break down barriers to employment for anyone who may face disadvantage in the labour market. It  provides members and partners with an understandable, shareable symbol that spotlights their positive and inclusive social value recruitment. 

The Levels 

Bronze holding organisations have committed to open, inclusive and diverse recruitment processes that support better representation from groups that may face disadvantage in the labour market. Membership and sign-up to the charter awards this level automatically in all but exceptional circumstances.

In addition to activities reflected at Bronze level, Silver Charter mark members share social recruitment success measures tailored to their organisational social value objectives. 

Members at Gold Charter Mark level are in an advanced stage of their social value journey, meeting Bronze and Silver criteria, and adding metrics and mechanisms that enable them to publicly share the evidence of their progression and how it will be sustained. 

Ultimately, at Ambassador level, members complete all of the above, demonstrate continuous improvement and act as advocates to broaden the social recruitment movement. They act as external and internal ambassadors for the benefits of social value recruitment, amplifying the work by attracting new organisations into the movement.  Ambassadors welcome the opportunity to showcase the positive societal impact created not only by their efforts, but the efforts of others. Ambassadors will regularly share their work within the SRAG and will mentor and support new SRAG recruits to create long-lasting impact. 

For advice and guidance on becoming a member of the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group and receiving Charter Mark status, contact [email protected]

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