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The YouCan Wellbeing Collection

Experiential Learning for the Workplace

Staff trained in workplace wellbeing techniques by PeoplePlus YouCan Wellbeing Collection wellbeing coaches stretch together in the workplace.
Sensory impairment is no barrier to workplace wellbeing as the benefits of the YouCan Wellbeing Collection by PeoplePlus are for everyone.
Team members chat about YouCan Wellbeing Collection course help received from wellbeing experts

The PeoplePlus YouCan Wellbeing Collection is designed to improve the wellbeing and inclusion of diverse employees in a wide range of circumstances, contexts and workplaces. 

Inspired by statistics that reflect life in the UK now, every module aligns with a real need. Fresh content is created by PeoplePlus and delivered by our dedicated Wellbeing coaches. Each experience is delivered over video conference to remove geographical barriers to attendance.

The range of modules enable managers to take a proactive approach to wellbeing. By fostering understanding of some of underlying causes of disengagement, interventions that could prevent employees reaching crisis point are made possible. 

Our approach delivers high levels of relevance, impact and timeliness. 

Among our current suite of over 20 modules are:

Module durations and delivery packages are flexible. Solutions can be tailored over a twelve-month period as a themed collection or delivered as a stand alone offer. Lived experience, PeoplePlus Wellbeing coaches, public health research and insight from our employer network inform the module content.

Responding to real need 

  • 12,000 people a day become unpaid carers in the UK.
  • Almost 1 in 5 employees aren't getting enough sleep.
  • Over one third of adults have multiple health problems in midlife. 
  • 88% of UK employees report a level of burnout over the last two years.
  • Brits spend 29% of their leisure time alone.  
  • More than 15% of the UK population are neurodivergent. 

Some more detail on the modules:


One in seven carers are juggling work and care, according to leading charity Carers UK. On average, unpaid carers plug gaps of 20 hours per week. When combined with paid employment, the demands can become overwhelming. 

This module empowers unpaid carers with the knowledge that their employer is supportive of their role. 

Topics include:

Communicating with a manager.
Dealing with guilt and fatigue.
Communicating with services.
Coping with crisis.
Hospital Care.
Boundaries and Resilience.

Delivered as 6 x two-hour modules OR 2 x full-day sessions. A one hour session for managers is also available.

*Coming Soon* - Be Empowered for Managers and Team Members impacted by caregiving responsibilities. 

Financial wellbeing

Financial worries and instability can directly impact work performance. As the cost of living crisis continues, providing people with financial information has become a necessity for maintaining workplace wellbeing but is a very sensitive subject that can trigger strong emotions. This module helps to support general knowledge and understanding of the pathways open to people so that they can make informed choices.

Topics covered include:

• the role of money management.
• how financial habits can impact wellbeing - understanding signs of financial anxiety.
• how to create savings plans and budgets.
• working with experts to create solutions.
• avoiding taking on debt that can't be sustained.
• first steps in tackling debt.

    Various durations including a 60-minute (one-hour) workshop.

    Making Time for Holidays and Breaks 

    88% of UK employees have experienced at least some level of burnout over the last two years, with one third claiming to suffer from physical and mental exhaustion frequently due to pressures within the workplace, according to HR News.

    Discussing this openly and looking at how any break from the everyday routine can reduce the likelihood of burnout can benefit people at all levels of the organisation. Understanding down time and finding space for it can improve mental health and wellbeing for all, and a culture that doesn't support these behaviours is counterproductive. 

    Topics covered include:

    • The importance of planning a break from the norm. 

    • Dealing with the counterarguments raised by yourself and others. 

    •  Looking for role models who do work/life balance well. 

    • Adding protected time to your working day, week, month or even year.

    1 x 60 minute (One-Hour) Session.

    We believe a wellbeing offer that promises to make all staff happy and healthy is unrealistic. So many factors are beyond an employer's influence. Instead, a successful wellbeing offer should improve the workplace for all and support conditions where everyone feels able to succeed.

    Our approach makes it possible to demonstrates how highly you value your staff as individuals, for their own unique contributions. 

    Feeling valued engenders security, which promotes loyalty. When communication is positive, trust can grow, and problems can be solved. When problems are kept in perspective, team members can be more productive. Achieving on goals and targets together helps team dynamics and culture.  

    Employers who make sure their teams have the space and time to participate in their wellbeing programme benefit most.

    The YouCan Wellbeing Collection can be the ideal addition to your employee support package - or the whole solution. 

    To request a YouCan Wellbeing Collection prospectus, and find out how a solution can be tailored for your organisation's needs, please contact PeoplePlus Head of Wellbeing, [email protected]

    We carry out a lot of training at Siemens, and I can confidently say PeoplePlus is right at the top. I would definitely recommend them.
    —Sharon Proctor, Health Promotion Officer, Siemens UK.

    We work with 1700 employers across Britain

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