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Look after your workforce wellbeing

When you run a business, it’s almost like another family to look after.

And like in any family, it’s important to be supportive.

That’s where our wellbeing solution comes in.

We’ve developed a range of services to provide employers with the tools they need to ensure they have happy, healthy and resilient teams.

Offered remotely in state-of the-art virtual classrooms or in person, these solutions have been carefully designed by our team of experts.

We’ll help you to understand and manage your teams to bring the best out of them.

We can offer support with:

  • Wellbeing surveys
  • In-depth focus groups
  • Mental health awareness
  • Managing stress
  • Handling stressful and traumatic situations
  • Supporting your colleagues
  • Change and resilience
  • Healthy living
  • Making workplace adjustments
  • Drug and alcohol awareness

Our services can be tailored to the needs of individual employers. So, whether you’re looking to reach hundreds of employees at once or smaller groups, we have a solution for you.

For more information, download our employer guide or email

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We carry out a lot of training at Siemens, and I can confidently say PeoplePlus is right at the top. I would definitely recommend them.

—Sharon Proctor, Health Promotion Officer, Siemens

We work with 1700 employers across Britain

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