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Health & Wellbeing

At PeoplePlus, we make wellbeing programmes work.

You may already have an established wellbeing programme. You may just be starting out. Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you get best value from your wellbeing investment.

Our four spheres of wellbeing

Our portfolio of services and support covers four spheres of wellbeing:

  • Great work
  • Physical wellness
  • Mental health
  • Financial wellbeing

Across these spheres, we work to inspire long term behaviour change in individuals and to develop a culture of wellness across organisations.

The results?

  • Happier, healthier employees
  • A workplace environment in which people want to do good work – and are able to
  • Greater productivity; improved staff retention

You can learn more about this by watching this short video

What type of wellbeing support are you looking for?

Whether you’re looking for wide-ranging wellbeing support or simply need to fill programme gaps, we can slot in as needed.

Deliverables include:

A strategy and an action plan

Clarify your wellbeing goals and agree how to reach them. Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to review and renew, we’ll work with you to create an evidence-based strategy and plan.

Ongoing managed wellbeing services

Let us manage your wellbeing services. Pulling all the elements together (whether already in place or new), we’ll then provide an integrated set of services your staff will understand and use. Alongside this, we’ll promote utilisation, track the KPIs that matter, and build on feedback.

Bespoke packages, with services chosen for value and effectiveness

Tell us what you need, and we’ll organise a bespoke package of services and support. Some services we’ll deliver directly. Others we’ll source from carefully-selected partners. Our bulk-buying power means you get added consultancy support at no extra charge.

High impact training for managers and staff

Give your team essential skills and knowledge, plus the motivation and confidence to take action. Workshop topics include mental health themes and line manager wellbeing competencies.

Greater reach and take-up of existing programmes

Realise better value from what you’re already paying for by increasing reach and take-up. To kickstart interest, we can run campaigns and promotions. For sustained engagement, ask us to train and support your own staff as in-house wellbeing champions.

Better data on wellbeing issues in your workplace

Make informed decisions about next steps. Our professional researchers can undertake qualitative and quantitative research to uncover the data you need. Options include employee discussion forums, online staff questionnaires, and more – all followed by robust interpretation and recommendations.

Transforming lives, not ticking boxes

We put employee engagement at the heart of everything we do. Because when you’re putting time and resources into wellbeing, you want to know you’re transforming lives rather than simply ticking boxes.

Making it easy to get wellbeing right

With our experienced team and carefully-curated set of tools and training options, it’s easy for organisations to get wellbeing right. We know what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to experiment.

Not sure what you need?

Ask us to come in and do a free diagnostic assessment with you. You’ll get a snapshot of your organisation’s wellbeing activities, showing strengths and weaknesses as compared to PeoplePlus ‘Gold Standard’ clients.

We can then use the results to provide a simple but tailored strategy for action.

“The information that the Health and Wellbeing team managed to pack into a one-day session was really impressive. It was a relaxed, safe atmosphere, with lots of interaction and teamwork. The number of participants was just right. It was certainly enlightening and as a manager it gave me more tools to ‘add to the box’. I feel that this is an excellent training day and should be pitched to managers of all levels.”

Angelina Schiavo – Manager, Endoscopy Reprocessing Units Leigh & RAEI

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