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Online Wellbeing Solutions

Our wellbeing solutions have been carefully designed by our team of experts and can be delivered remotely via state-of-the-art virtual classrooms and online sessions.

Our wellbeing team can deliver a variety of short awareness webinars, which can help you reach hundreds of employees at once, as well as offering highly interactive tailored online training sessions for smaller groups to maximise engagement and provide a rich learning experience.

What’s on offer?

What do our solutions entail?

Recognising and Embedding Wellbeing
Choose from short, easily repeated wellbeing surveys, or in-depth focus groups with detailed analysis. We can help to establish the areas of your employees work that bring challenges, as well as identifying elements to work on to improve their resilience.

Handling Stressful and Traumatic Calls
These sessions will teach your managers and individuals practical techniques for handling traumatic calls, managing emotional trauma and how to support their teams and colleagues.

Mental Health

Mass Audience Awareness – Exploring concepts of mental health, how to talk about it and how to help a colleague in distress.
Mental Health First Responder – Spotting the signs of mental distress and providing first line support to colleagues in distress.
Wellbeing for Managers – Giving managers the knowledge and confidence to spot issues, have HR compliant conversations and support colleagues.

Change and Resilience
Virtual classrooms for employees and managers providing tools and insight on how to build resilience for individuals and teams. 1-2-1 coaching sessions to help individuals make concrete plans to build their resilience.

Lifestyle Improvements

From group webinars to 1-2-1 coaching sessions, individuals will explore what they want in wellbeing and how to achieve it, whether it is physical wellbeing, healthy living or striving for more positive thinking.

For more information about our online wellbeing packages contact wellbeing@peopleplus.co.uk or fill out the form below

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