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Our workshops provide targeted, high impact training covering core wellness topics and can be delivered online or face to face.

Each workshop provides key insights into a topic, with a focus on giving participants the tools and confidence to better look after themselves, colleagues, and the business.

Workshops are interactive, thought-provoking, and effective.

We are continually adding new workshop topics, and can create tailored training to cover specific issues and themes. If what you want isn’t listed, just ask.

Our wellbeing workshops 

Mental health first response

Full day

An in-demand workshop that equips employees with the skills to spot mental distress and provide first line support plus an understanding of the limits and dangers of lay diagnosis.

Unlike most two-day competitor workshops, our session prioritises the most important points within a single day format. This avoids information overload, ensures people remember what matters – and means your budget can cover twice the number of people.

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

1,2 or 3 hours

An introduction to contemporary concepts of mental health, leading on to discussions of mental health stigma, talking about mental health, and how to help a colleague in distress.

Mental Health for Managers

3 hours

This half day course provides managers with the understanding, tools and confidence to have HR compliant mental health conversations and give appropriate support to colleagues experiencing mental health issues.

Wellbeing Essentials for Managers – workshop series 

A series of 2 hour sessions that can be combined to create a half day or full day of training

Module one – Wellbeing and Work

An essential grounding in definitions of wellbeing and its impact on work, including approaches to attendance management, return to work interviews, and reasonable adjustments.

Module two – Creating a Healthy Workplace

A session focusing on practical actions managers can take to enhance physical and mental health in the workplace. Participants then produce a plan detailing how they will adapt their own management practice to improve team wellbeing.

Module three – Mental Health

This module gives managers vital knowledge and understanding so they have the confidence to approach conversations around mental health and can respond appropriately to colleagues in distress.

Module four – Stress and Resilience

Our Stress and Resilience workshop develops an understanding of how stress arises, and provides evidence-based tools and methods to help managers assess and manage stress within their team.

Wellbeing Champions Development

2 days

Training to help you launch and develop your own team of wellbeing champions. On day one, modules take people from key health facts through to the psychology of health improvement, including how to get messages through to previously unreceptive colleagues. Participants learn how to choose relevant and evidence-based resources and plan and evaluate interventions. Day two is our Mental Health First Response workshop.

Wellbeing Champions Development – Workshops

2 hour trainer-led online sessions

Ongoing refresher sessions live with the trainer then help champions build on their experiences, learn from each other, and maintain enthusiasm.

Clients often choose to combine wellbeing champions training with a mental health first responder workshop.

Building Resilience

3 hours

In this workshop, participants learn about the biology of stress and discover the characteristics and behaviours that can lead to resilience. They then produce a personal resilience-building plan.

Building Resilience for Managers

3 hours 

A half-day session blending the topics in our Building Resilience workshop with tools and techniques managers can use to assess and build resilience in their team.

Resilience to Client Trauma

This workshop for front line staff working with people in distress provides information and skills to help staff build resilience in advance, in the moment, and after the event.

Stressful and Traumatic Calls

3 hours

A valuable workshop for employees who regularly take stressful calls. Participants learn practical resilience techniques to help them handle calls and manage ongoing emotional trauma.

Stressful and Traumatic Calls for Managers

Full day

Our Stressful and Traumatic Calls workshop content, followed by an afternoon focusing on how managers can support teams suffering distress as a result of handling difficult phone calls. We can weave in details of your in-house resources and procedures at no extra cost.

Drug and Alcohol Substance Awareness in the Workplace

One hour 

A short, tightly-focused session that ensures participants have correct, relevant and up to date information on the effects and safety impacts of common substances and the legal implications of their use in the workplace. We can include details of your own company substance misuse policy at no extra charge.  

Bespoke workshops

We can adapt existing content to fit in with your needs – for example, to avoid duplication if you already have some training in place on a particular topic. We can also design and develop targeted workshops to cover specific organisational needs.

“We carry out a lot of training at Siemens, and I can confidently say PeoplePlus is right at the top. I would definitely recommend them.”

Sharon Proctor, Health Promotion Officer, Siemens

For more information contact wellbeing@peopleplus.co.uk or fill out the form below

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