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Who We Are

PeoplePlus is a leading public service provider, supporting hundreds of thousands of people each year. Our mission is to make a direct difference to the lives of 1 million people by 2022. Our reach spans from Scotland, across to Wales and Northern Ireland and all across England.

We run a number of frontline public services including employment support, skills training, apprenticeships, independent living, and prison education on behalf of the government, as well as recruitment, training and development and wellbeing solutions to employers. We aim to:

  • Support people to find and keep jobs, and help others set up their own businesses
  • Deliver skills and training to ensure people can access the right employment and enhance their career prospects
  • Help people live more independently with disability and carer support services
  • Reduce the risk of reoffending by tackling the root causes of crime and offending
  • Work with businesses to attract talent and develop workforces through apprenticeships and learning and development programmes.
  • Develop wellbeing strategies for businesses that look to improve mental health in the workplace

We are an accredited 2021 ‘One Star’ Best Company

Operating divisions

People Strategy Solutions

Every year we support thousands of people into sustainable employment, many of whom face considerable challenges getting a job. We do this across a variety of contracts, predominantly as the UK Government’s largest provider of the Work Programme and as one of the Scottish Government’s primary providers of Fair Start Scotland. We have supported over 450,000 customers since 2011.


We provide first class pre-employment training, apprenticeships and traineeships. As one of the largest Independent training providers in England, we have delivered adult education programmes to over 10,000 learners and achieved a Grade 2 in our 2017 Ofsted inspection. Our services are available to young people, the recently redundant and those who are long-term unemployed. Our skills academies located all around England and Wales support employers with on-site customised sector based training, providing skilled and motivated applicants.


We are a specialist provider of levy funded apprenticeships and support a large number of businesses across the UK. We are proud to place employers and learners at the heart of everything we do; helping employers make the most of their levy spend and develop the skills of their staff through apprenticeship programmes. Delivery focuses on Financial Services, Public Sector, Retail, Logistics and Leadership & Management.

PeoplePlus Enterprise is the leading industry recognised provider of Business Start-up and Business Support in the UK, with over 30 years experience. We offer free and bespoke support and have successfully supported 11,000 start-up businesses with an 80% sustainment. We have a team of over 100, expert and specialist business advisors; and run the New Enterprise Allowance in 4 locations across the UK, along with a variety of start-up and growth support.

At PeoplePlus we’re committed to tackling the underlying causes of offending and to transforming the lives of offenders. To achieve this we provide education, training and advice in prisons through the delivery of the Prison Education Framework  and supporting ex-offenders in the community through our Warwickshire and West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC). We also have our own unique in-cell learning platforms ‘Way Out TV’.

We offer a range of services which empower people with disabilities and long-term illnesses to lead independent lives. We do this by providing direct payments and helping people take control of their personal care. We also support carers of all ages through our Carers Hubs in Stoke & Staffordshire and Gloucestershire offering personalised information, advice and guidance.


We look to address every aspect of an organisation’s people strategy through a comprehensive package of services. Our recruitment service focuses on hiring for attitude and behaviour to attract top talent. This is complemented by our comprehensive learning and development programmes which develop existing workforce talent. Wellbeing in the workplace is a key area of focus and our consultation services and suite of programmes complete our core offer. All this is underpinned by innovative data analysis.

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