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Improved performance
Improved retention
Improved motivation

Why take on an apprentice

An apprenticeship could be exactly what you’re looking for and consists of a vocational qualification plus technical certificates. This includes functional skills in areas such as maths, English and sometimes ICT.

There are two ways you can take advantage of apprenticeship training:

  • Recruiting an apprentice to your business
  • Up-skilling your existing staff through apprenticeships

What are the benefits?

New ideas and skills are the driving force behind successful businesses. Our apprenticeship programmes are designed to match your employment and skills needs with a talented and driven apprentice – whether that is a new or current employee.

Improved performance

Apprenticeships enhance the skills of employees, thereby contributing to improved performance and productivity in the workplace

Improved staff retention and motivation

Apprenticeships can support existing internal training and development programmes. With over 1500 apprenticeships standards to choose from, we are committed to creating a package that is right for your business. We are able to map your existing training and development programmes and competencies to nationally recognised accredited qualifications.

“On completion of my apprenticeship I was guaranteed a permanent job within the team and in the future, there could be the possibility of further education and learning

Lois McClure
Lois McClure , The Co-op

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