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Changing Lives with Fair Start Scotland

share March 08, 2022Posted by: Helen

This week we sat down with Fair Start Scotland participant Rozina Ashraf to talk to her about her journey with the programme, and how PeoplePlus were able to support her goals of securing work after a long period of unemployment. Here's what she had to say...

Can you tell me a bit about how long you were unemployed for and why you wanted support from Fair Start Scotland/PeoplePlus?

So, I had not worked for 16 years as I was a full time mum and dedicated my life to raising my children. Now that all the kids are in full time education I wanted to get back to work which was both daunting and exciting.

When I came across PeoplePlus I thought this would be good to get me up to date on how to get back into the process of getting a job, as I needed to build my cv and get practice on the interview process.

How did Fair Start Scotland/PeoplePlus support you?

PeoplePlus were great in their support, the 1-week course was absolutely brilliant and helped me so much to get my head round how to lay out my cv, what information I needed to put into it and also giving ideas on what to expect at interviews and how to answer interview questions. I could not have got my job without their input and help.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Thanks to PeoplePlus I was successful in 2 of my interviews and I am now working in my first customer service job after 16 years. I hope to continue with this job as I gain further knowledge and experience and see how well I can balance my work and home life.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I am very appreciative of all that PeoplePlus have done. I don’t think I would have been in this job if it wasn’t for their help. Thank you PeoplePlus.

Learn more about our job support and how we can help you here: Scotland | PeoplePlus

share March 08, 2022Posted by: Helen

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