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LearningPlus & the Kickstart Scheme helps Laura gain confidence

share December 08, 2021Posted by: Sinead

Previous learner Laura Taunton recently completed a series of courses with LearningPlus to upskill in preparation for her KickStart work placement.

LearningPlus is PeoplePlus' learning management system and is used by thousands of people to upskill and reskill. LearningPlus has an extensive range of over 450 courses that cover a wide range of topics from construction, health and safety, food safety and personal license holder courses to personal development, management development and Microsoft information technology courses.

Laura successfully completed a series of LearningPlus courses focused on employability and retail. All courses are packed with modules, videos, interactive quizzes and tests. She passed the courses and provided this feedback;

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning with LearningPlus, the platform is straightforward to use and you instantly get sent an email when you have finished every module to let you know you have passed. These qualifications have been invaluable as I've been able to add them to my CV and can use them as evidence when applying to jobs"

Shortly after, Laura started her Kickstart work placement and said she was "full of self doubt and extremely lacking in confidence", this is where PeoplePlus tutor Barbara stepped in and worked with Laura to change this. Laura speaks very highly of Barbara and said;

"Barbara is a kind, caring and down to earth person that is always happy to help. I always went to her to voice my concerns and worries, and never once felt judged. She helped me update and improve my CV and reassured me that she is always here for me when I need support or advice. Thank you so much Barbara, I will forever be grateful for your support"

Fast forward 6 months and Laura is a completely different person, her confidence has grown tremendously and she is able to do her job with confidence knowing that she has gained the knowledge and skills needed to carry out her job. She has this to say;

"I work with some amazing, supportive people who have given me constant encouragement from the very start. This experience has inspired me to keep motivated and move forward with my career. I'm so thankful to the Kickstart Scheme, PeoplePlus and LearningPlus for giving me such a valuable opportunity that has helped me to grow personally and professionally".

share December 08, 2021Posted by: Sinead