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Numeracy Course

Not a “numbers person”? You’re not alone. Three in 10 (31%) UK adults don’t think numbers are for them.

Improving your maths skills could help unlock job opportunities and lead to higher wages, prepare you for further study, or simply help with everyday tasks at home – from paying bills and budgeting, to helping the kids with their homework, or even in the kitchen.

Our multiply courses will help anyone who wants to improve their maths skills for daily life, but with PeoplePlus you will also learn the skills you will need to help find work or progress in your chosen career.

Our tailored e-learning modules mean that you can focus on the skills you need in the workplace, or to get the job of your dreams. For example, our Construction module focusses on weights and measures teaching from real life examples such as calculating lengths of timber or working out how many bricks you will need for a wall, while our Warehousing module will show you how to divide a shipment into equal parts, check you have enough storage space or teach you to calculate the weight of a parcel. Our self-employment module focusses on financial skills, managing cashflow and dealing with book keeping, so whatever your business is, you can be sure your accounts are under control.

Your initial course will last for 1 week with the option to undertake a further 10 days of training should you wish to continue to progress.

This course is free for learners who meet the below eligibility criteria:

PeoplePlus is delivering part of the Multiply programme, which is funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, on behalf of the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority

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