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A Night of Inspiration for Afghan Refugees

share October 19, 2023Posted by: Charlotte

PeoplePlus Scotland's Engagement Key Worker, BB, attended an event at the beginning of the month at Holyrood for the Afghan Refugees, where we witnessed an incredible gathering of passionate individuals committed to making a difference.

Highlights of the evening included powerful speeches from various Afghani professionals, distinguished international speakers, and esteemed members of the GAU. Minister for Equalities Emma Roddick, set the tone with a compelling opening address, underscoring the importance of unity and support.

A particularly shining moment came from GAU Youth Board Member Mirysht Hosang, a high schooler with a remarkable story. Mirysht's moving speech shed light on the challenges young refugees face in Scotland, and her determination to thrive and give back to society is truly inspiring. We predict a bright future for this remarkable young leader!

Imam Dr Sayed Razawi's insightful talk on UK refugee policy and the need for timely resolutions left a lasting impression. His call to action resonated deeply, emphasising that collective efforts can make a significant impact, even on non-devolved matters.

We were also privileged to connect with Alana Forsyth from Citizens Advice Bureau, whose expertise and willingness to collaborate left us excited about potential future collaborations.

A massive round of applause to Abdul Bostani (MD GAU) and Bob Doris (MSP) for orchestrating such a successful event. Your dedication to this cause is truly commendable, and we're proud to have been a part of it.

Representing PeoplePlus at this gathering was an absolute honour, and we're excited about the promising partnerships that will undoubtedly emerge from this uplifting occasion. Together, we can continue to create positive change and support those who need it most.

share October 19, 2023Posted by: Charlotte