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Connecting refugee Aisha with job opportunities

share April 04, 2022Posted by: Sinead

Aisha claimed asylum for 8 years and now has refugee residency. Aisha was referred to PeoplePlus by the job centre and enrolled on our customer service course. Whilst on the course tutor Michelle supported Aisha to not only gain her customer service qualification but also helped improve her English skills. She is currently encouraging Aisha to apply for jobs in the care sector and has found a role that is well suited to Aisha's skills. It’s a role that helps people that have come from other countries, the job role is to act as a mentor to them. Aisha has done volunteering in the community for at least 4 years in this sort of role already. Michelle is helping her with her cover letter and application for the job. The centre is also fully funding her driving lessons that will help her chances of gaining employment once she gains her licence.

Aisha said:

“I would strongly advise everyone to come to PeopePlus, the tutor is amazing and you are free to be yourself. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect. It’s given me loads more self-confidence to apply and interview for jobs”

We wish Aisha all the best in her job search and will continue to support her.

share April 04, 2022Posted by: Sinead