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Diary of a Kickstart placement

share December 07, 2021Posted by: Charlotte

Kickstart provides young people between the age of 16-24 with six months paid work with an employer. It gives the person chance to pick up new skills, boost their confidence and get a route into the world of work.

Here at PeoplePlus we have offered some young people Kickstart opportunities across the business including Louise Shields. She is currently working within our Scotland division as a Digital Marketing Trainee. Here she talks about her experience so far.

“I found out about PeoplePlus and Kickstart through Shettleston Job Centre. My work coach mentioned the marketing trainee position as she thought the role would be well suited to me. 

So far, I have enjoyed learning about the different aspects of the business including what the role of a Key Worker is, what is offered to participants in the PeoplePlus Community Hubs, the free courses available to participants across the various contracts and so much more! I also enjoy interacting with the public as I have missed being able to talk to people during the pandemic.

My typical day is varied and so far it has mainly consisted of working in the office making phone calls and sending emails to participants to gather content for marketing purposes, to being out in the community visiting various Community Hubs. In the Hubs I take pictures and film videos to help showcase the activities and services that are offered.

I have already learned multiple things such as how to use many different software programmes (Microsoft Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint and internal systems such as JMS) as well as building on my communication and organisational skills. I’m looking forward to learning about more processes and software that I can use to make marketing materials such as posters and videos too and how I can use social media to share these. I’m also excited to learn how to turn the content I collect into something eye-catching that will help attract more people to PeoplePlus.

Although there are challenges, I am enjoying it and I’m looking forward to learning more over my 6 months with PeoplePlus.”

share December 07, 2021Posted by: Charlotte