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Fair Start Scotland Gives Participant Their "Life Back"

share July 05, 2022Posted by: Charlotte

We are on a mission to make a direct difference to the lives of one million people by 2022 – and we are well on the way to doing so. Nothing makes us prouder than when we get great feedback from the people we have supported. People such as Catherine who tells us here about the support she received on the Fair Start Scotland programme and the impact it has had on her life.

“Firstly, I just want to say thank you so much for the help and support that you have given me during my time at PeoplePlus. I really appreciate it. When I started at PeoplePlus I was at an all-time low, my mood was at rock bottom, and I didn't care what I was doing. The past couple of years would have to be up there with the most distressing times of my life both physically and especially mentally.

I came across PeoplePlus accidentally while I was on Facebook. I phoned them and was given an appointment with Debi who was assigned to me as my Key worker. Debi managed to get me through the front door, and I can still remember that I couldn't even look her in the face as I was crying so much. That day has changed my life.

I was put forward for IT training and was given a brand new Chrome book to aid me with the training and search for and apply for jobs. I thought all my Christmases had come at once. Nobody ever gave me anything for nothing. I completed my IT course with the lovely Sheena who was a fantastic trainer and then I met David who is the Lead Trainer for PeoplePlus Glasgow. David has been a pillar of strength to me. There hasn't been a class that I have been in where I haven’t broken my heart. David never judged, he let me cry openly and I was not alone in this, many of us cried and supported each other through it and I have made plenty of friends now too.

Debi also supported me through all of this by asking me to join other PeoplePlus support groups but still looking at work options for me at the same time. Debi has a way of bringing out the best in you and fills you with confidence, and I thank her for that.

I have also received lots of support from Claire, another Key Worker, who is now supporting me to find work. Claire is a magician on the computer, she has a way with words and makes me think before I write things down, but she is also very supportive not only about getting a job but about my mental and physical health. Claire has put me on to a programme with Salus which has really opened up my mind and has made me think before I jump in.

I was worried about moving forward and looking for work but also about my physical wellbeing. I feel I have jumped a hurdle now and Claire has grounded me. I feel so positive about my future now and I have been able to fill out job applications. 

Last year I didn't even think I would be here and now my confidence has grown in every direction. I would like to thank PeoplePlus for giving me my life back. Thank you to all the staff who have given me life.

share July 05, 2022Posted by: Charlotte